About MacLegion

Who We Are

Nate Houle

Nate Houle

Founder & Owner Customer Service

Our Story

In the spring of 2011 MacLegion LLC was founded with one mission in mind, bring the Mac community higher-quality applications and higher quality customer service. With so many bundle and deal a day offerings out there we decided to focus on something no one else is… Quality. Not just the quality of our product but the quality of our customer service. That being said, talk is cheap. Its easy to make flowery claims but at the end of the day you need a plan and you need to execute. So, how do we offer a higher quality product? How do we provide superior customer service? Its actually quite simple…

Sharing the Wealth!

Our "cut" of the revenue with developers is significantly lower than the competitions. This allows us more cap room to negotiate with. The more cap room we have to negotiate with, the more high quality applications we can add to our bundles. The outcome is a bundle with more, higher quality applications and less "filler". We focus on being the best, not revenue, not profit… Being the best.

The Golden Rule

Treat others how you'd like to be treated! Sounds simple but unfortunately this is becoming increasingly more uncommon. How does MacLegion address this? Nate is not only the owner of MacLegion, he is also in charge of ALL customer service requests. There aren't too many companies that have the right to say their owners address ALL customer support issues, we're proud to say that we do!

Ultimately, this results in a better experience for the Mac community as a whole: developers, distributors and customers.